About Me

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

He is just a small boy comes from one of remote villages in Indonesia. He has successfully made his first dream to study in USA come true by one of the most premiere and most esteemed exchange scholarships in the world, Global UGRAD program. He studied Linguistics and Political Science at Humboldt State University, California.

He used to play in the paddy fields with buffaloes until his body covered by mud, swim in rivers, climb trees, and read everything that has something to read on it. He has a huge curiosity, a thinker, and a dreamer.

He graduated with honors from the School of Foreign Languages YAPARI Bandung in 2014. He worked as a Service Coordinator and Teacher at an international school owned by Pearson, Wall Street English Paris Van Java Bandung, and currently studying MSc TESOL at The University of Edinburgh, UK, through Chevening Scholarship.

#I am nothing but Allah is everything

Reach me at:
Email: van-persie90@live.com



  1. Is’t too late to try?
    I wanna be like you too. Your real life with ya story is wow!
    Btw, thank you for inspiring me,
    I’m bored and had no idea then I dunno how my “blogwalking” found this awesome blog (:

    • Hey Reta.. better being late than nothing at all right haha.. thanks for visiting my humble blog. I found out that your blog is awesome. I guess youre still in high but the way you write is freakin good. You must have a good power in writing 🙂

  2. Haha, ya being late sounds not too bad, to be honest, lol. Thank you. Yup, still in high school and ah not really. Just writer of short story in newspaper. Btw, I just read your “Atlas Curian dan Amerika” and guess what the saddest part I think, when your grandpa smiling for you. U won’t believe that I cried for that, buuuh. Aaah, deeply touched. I love it! 🙂

  3. I just want to tell you that I am just beginner to blogging and honestly liked you’re web site. More than likely I’m going to bookmark your website . You surely come with exceptional articles. Kudos for sharing your web-site.

  4. Well, hello ka! I have read your astonishing experience while you were studying in US. What a great lifetime experience that you have! Frankly, I am interested in this exchange student program which is Global Ugrad Aminef. I am on the process of making the essays, ah got three essays for this year. However, I’m gonna need a sharing part in this process which can be shared with you. Since, you are the former grantee of this. Such an inspiring blog! 🙂 and I keep praying everyday for this 😀 and for the record, I have emailed you, so don’t forget to check on mine ka! Glad to read your blog. Oh yeah, I am demis.

  5. Hallo mas Persie…

    Senang bisa membaca pengalamannya kuliah di Amrik. Kebetulan istri saya juga insya Allah mau ambil PhD di sana tahun ini. Kemungkinan besar, saya dan anak-anak juga akan ikut tinggal di sana. Boleh ya nanti saya bertanya-tanya, untuk persiapan mana tau Allah melancarkan perjalanan kami sekeluarga ke sana, amin!

    Salam kenal 🙂

  6. Wow, amazing articles. How I get scholarship like you ? I wanna I wanna but I’m not a smart person 🙂 Can I ? I wan’t share with you about this, sir.

  7. Assalaamu’alaikum mas. it was a very nice experience, wasn’t it? aku tertarik pengen apply mas sekarang pendaftarannya udah dibuka. boleh aku nanya-nanya seputar tips dan trik buat lolos seleksi dari mas? thanks before

  8. Tertarik banget buat apply ini beasiswa oktober nanti
    Bisa kasih tips gak Kak buat essay writing nya?:)

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