Being a Valedictorian


Today is my day off. I usually spend the day on reading books and catching up some TV series. When it comes to having a day off, I’m kinda lazy to go out, especially now it’s rainy season. Well, the main reason is I just want to be a couch potato 😀

So, it’s been a long time I didn’t take a look at my blog. There are many comments I haven’t replied. And… look at the drafts! Some of my pieces I haven’t had time to publish.

I think now I’d like to publish this one, the speech I gave during my graduation. Nothing fancy about it. It’s just well.. some kinda simple writing.

But, being asked to deliver a speech for a graduation was such an honor for me. So, it’s worth publishing :)))

Ciee.. sosoan serius :D
Ciee.. sosoan serius 😀

The Dean of STBA YAPARI-ABA Bandung, 

The Head of Indonesia Private Higher Education Coordinator Region IV or the representative,

Lecturers, university boards and staff, parents and beloved fellow graduates.

Good morning, Ohayo Gozaimasu, Bonjour, Guten Morgan!

I am Nanak, an alumni of English Department. It is such an honor and an amazing experience for me to stand here where we all feel the joy in welcoming one of the most beautiful moments in our life as a college student. I hope these simple words would form such a complete memory to remember in the future. 

As a college student, today is our milestone in searching for identity and pursuing happiness. Today we all feel that all the bittersweet struggle eventually will pay off. This is just a matter of time. 

I remember when I was a kid far away in a village, I never thought I would wear this pentagonal cap, or walk elegantly like a professor with this black gown. I am here with my friends is not an easy matter. It needs struggle from energy to tears, from time to materials to be smiling like today. This is also not the result of our two hands and two feet. There are a lot of hands and feet of others who are engaged in shaping us to be who we are now. 

It reminds me of a famous football club of the English Premier League with its simple-but-meaningful tagline that “You’ll never walk alone” which means we will never be able to walk alone in any kinds of situations, or no matter how independent we are. I still remember the words of one of our professors at the beginning of the semester that first bite of rice we eat is the result of hard work by dozens of people before it gets to our plate. 

My fellow graduates. I always see life as pieces of mosaic that we collect throughout our lives. Every day we discover and learn new things. Often we meet new people, make friends and learn from them. It is a life cycle. From them, we got the pieces of mosaic, and arranged them so as to produce an image that reflects our lives. Either the poor or the beautiful image that we produce depends on how we see and understand our life. 

Many people love us. Many hate and want to destroy us. That’s life. But whatever it is, if we look at it with hatred, then hatred image is what we get. But if we look at it positively, then we will get an image that will always strengthen ourselves. 

Therefore, take a look around us now. Who are they? They are the ones who have given pieces of mosaic to our lives. Look around! The lecturers who have eagerly and tirelessly given their golden mosaic to make our lives better. Please give a huge applause to them. Look at our parents and families. They are the ones who have and will always support us. They are the place we go home. And look to the left and right of us. They are a new family who have walked with us for 4 years. They are the ones who gave us a smile, also sometimes cry during our lives studying in STBA. They are our friends, best friends, brothers and sisters who may be today is the last day we meet. After this, we are going to live a different life, trying to find a piece of mosaic elsewhere. 

Friends will always come and go. But old friends will always be in heart. 

I just hope that we will always create our footsteps to be beneficial for those who have helped us, and for the people that we will meet in the future. Do not create the steps that will be easily forgotten, consumed by time. 

Nendra Rengganis says “it’s not about where we are studying. But it’s about how we transform into a better man wherever we are placed. Wherever, pearls will still be a pearl even though it anchors in a filthy place. 

Congratulations to the graduates of STBA, both bachelors and diplomas inaugurated today. Prepare yourself to set sail looking for another piece of the mosaic in different places because this is not the end, but the beginning for the next phase of our lives. Our lives in college is nothing compare to those of out there.

Before I close this simple story, there is a very good quote from a well-known journalist and author Tom Brokaw. He once said

“You are educated. Your certification is your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world.”

We are well-educated men. We have this credential. We may think this credential is a ticket to have a better life. But I would ask you to think differently, to think this degree as a ticket to change the world because we are the agent of change…

Thank you.

That’s pretty much it! I guess it was so simple coz actually I don’t want to say lots of things, but then they evaporate haha.. And I wrote it in less day 2 days I guess coz I had been working full-time before the commencement day.

Some of pics below I took during the day.

with some of my besties haha :D
with some of my besties haha 😀


DSCN5868 DSCN5871

Screenshot (165)
I found this on my college’s twitter 😀

I miss college life sometimes 😀




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