Bridges in the Sky (Reflection #1)

It has been 8 months since I arrived here in May, last year. There are so many things that I have encountered, I have seen, I have felt, and not to mention a bunch of golden stories that I have written in this dream land. Being here, my personal life, my perspectives, my understanding, and my goals are getting better and enhanced.

Sometimes I reflect myself just to see my current position. I know I always have to be careful of my existence here. I have a big responsibility here, in my arms. I don’t want everybody who loves me, supports me, and holds my position now feels disappointed. I am here is not only for me. I am here is not only for fun, but there is a thing that must go beyond them, go beyond the borders.

Indeed, I still feel that I am dreaming in my tight sleep. The fact that I can feel its air, step my feet on its land, touch its water, hold its people hand, and laugh together is real.

Yes it is real!!

I recall to my childhood. It was in elementary school when I saw the majesty of Golden Gate Bridge, the splendor of Hollywood sign, the awesome sky creepers of New York City, or the classy Boston. I saw it simply on a dully atlas book at a small school in a small village.

I never thought that I can see, feel, and touch all of them.

It is such a miracle!

Most importantly, I can sit together with them in the class, listen to the awesome professors, and study like a nerd in the smart-looked library.

See, I just can hold my chest. I am so speechless. I never imagined I can walk this far.

Then I reflect all my goals before and after I came here. I don’t feel disappointed of myself. I can achieve most of them such as reaching a good GPA, volunteering, or joining other cultural-understanding clubs.

It is true that studying in the US is harder than in my country. However, we have a huge ability if we believe. I have encountered many obstacles and difficulties here, and the result is very good. It is because I believe I can do it.

My goal now is how to maintain this position, this opportunity. Moreover, I have many best friends here, and I find what family is with them. My understanding about the people particularly and the USA generally is getting better and better. Likewise the understanding of people here about my religion, Islam particularly and Indonesia as my country generally are built in a good way.

The horrible tragedy the 9/11 must be very devastating for American people, but some of them still can see it in an objective and fair way. Here, I am building a strong and solid bridge, a bridge for me, Indonesians and Americans to walk through.

It is no more than 3 months left, and the bridge is getting strong and strong. The multiple dimensions mirror is getting better and better. It is bridging and reflecting all of us, Indonesians, Americans and the world. I know the bridge could collapse at every time; the mirror could shatter into pieces in unpredictable time. There is always possibility those to happen.

Therefore, I, my friends, the future Indonesian Ugraders, Americans, and the world should maintain them, the bridge and the mirror. Seriously, today’s world is so chaotic. People kill people, a country invade another one, Nuclear weapon, terrorism,sick people. Don’t we feel tired reading, watching and listening about them every day on TV, newspaper, social media? And for me, I am extremely tired of it, indeed.


HSU Library, February 25, 2012

Arcata, California

(A note of being UGRADER)



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