Does God Exist??


A professor asks a student in the class


Professor: “Did God create all the things in this universe?”

Student: “Yes, He created all the things.”

Professor: “Did he?”

Student: ‘Yes sir, He did.”

Professor:” If He did, it means He also created criminality.”


The student was silent because he couldn’t answer the hypothesis of the professor. But another student asks a question.


Student:” Prof, can I ask you something?”


Student: “Does cold exist?”

Professor: “What kind of question is that, of course it does.”

Student: “You are wrong, sir. Cold doesn’t exist. According to physic, something    that we consider cold is the absence of heat.  Temperature of -460F means there’s no heat at all. All particles are frozen and couldn’t react in such temperature. We created word “cold” to describe the absence of heat.


Then he asks another question


Student: “Prof, does dark exist?”

Professor:” Of course it does.”

Student: “Once more you are wrong, sir. There’s no dark. Dark is a condition where there’s no light at all. We can learn light but we couldn’t learn dark. We can use Newton prism to break light into some colors and measure the wavelengths of each colors.  But you cannot measure dark. To know how dark a room can be measured by how much the light intensity is at that room. The word dark is used by human to describe the absence of light. So, does criminality exist?


The professor answers hesitantly


Professor: “Of course it does.”

Student: “Once more you are wrong. Criminality doesn’t exist. Criminality is the absence of God. Like cold and dark, criminality is used to describe the absence of God. God didn’t created criminality. It happens because there’s no God in the heart of human.


The professor was silent. The student is Albert Einstein

(Translated from KASKUS)

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